Adventure Parc began in France fourteen years ago when founder Denis Peyan used military commando training to create a playground for adults and children. The concept proved so popular it has since been taken and developed all over the world.

The first Australia adventure Parc opened on the untouched hills adjacent Thunderbird Park at North Tamborine in April 2007. The second Adventure Parc, the Green Challenge, opened at the Gold Coast’s premier wildlife and conservation experience, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, in October 2009.

Adventure Parcs are designed for family fun, fitness and team building. Adults and children from 1.6 metres tall (heels to the tip of out-stretched arms) will love the exhilaration of a day out climing in the trees.

Harnesses, safety equipment and safety instructions are all provided to ensure every climber has a safe exhilarating experience. Qualified safety instructions are spread throughout the courses to lend a hand to any climber experience difficulty.

Finding Perfect Birthday Cards

Finding Perfect Birthday Cards

Most people have a hard time choosing the perfect gift for someone special to them. It is easy to become overwhelmed with choices and forget the best gifts are always the simplest. Birthday cards can express how much you care about someone. It does not matter if you are on a tight budget, or you just want a gift that perfectly expresses your thoughts, you can always find a card to show how grateful you are on their special day. Here are some things you should look for while shopping for the perfect gift.

The Recipient
You should make sure the card fits the person. All birthday cards at Charity Greeting Cards should be fun, but they should also focus on your relationship with the recipient.

The Design and Title
You can expect most birthday cards to have a common theme. Always make sure the theme of the card conveys excitement. The title should be a feel good phrase, and the inside of the card should have a cheery message. The design should match the recipient’s personality. Bright colors are great for a bubbly personality, and soft colors are perfect for a classy personality.

Blank Space
When you find one you like, consider how much white space is inside the card. Witty phrases and cursive writing can show your gratitude, but personalizing birthday cards makes them unique. Use the space provided to say how much you care about their special day.

Do not get overwhelmed with the large selection of birthday cards. Choose one that fits their personality and write some meaningful words. The recipient will be appreciative of you taking the time to select a personalized gift.